About Us

CircuitMeter builds a proprietary, ultra-low cost electrical metering solution in the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. The information is delivered through a cloud-based service that provides remote monitoring capabilities with historical and real-time data from all electrical equipment within any type of building or facility, in any size portfolio.

CM-WebMeterTM is a cost effective and uniquely designed electrical energy meter. A single WebMeter36FTM will capture 36 metering points, in real time, with data sent to the cloud every 2 seconds. The affordability enables facility managers to outfit and capture the energy from every circuit in an electrical panel within the building.

CircuitMonitoringTM operates as a cloud-interface providing building operators with a circuit-by-circuit view of their electrical usage and trends, as well as notifications for anomalies. It is a "big data" solution designed for the energy sector.

The combination of WebMeter36FTM and CircuitMonitoringTM provides historical and real-time detailed analysis through the use of visualizations and reports.  Facility managers have the ability to see a simple view of their energy information from an enterprise level right down to a specific circuit within a building.

Our Mission

To provide cost-effective, cloud-based energy metering solutions that help companies better understand their energy profiles and reduce their energy consumption.

Our Vision

To be the choice for energy monitoring service at a circuit level, utilizing data to implement decisions.

Our Investor

ArcTern as founding investor.

ArcTern Ventures announced in February 2013 the completion of a venture deal with CircuitMeter Inc.  ArcTern (  is private venture fund focused on early-stage, high-growth cleantech companies with strong intellectual property, large global markets and a value-proposition independent of policy or regulatory risk.  ArcTern has a partnership with MaRS Cleantech, North America’s largest clean technology innovation cluster. ArcTern led follow-on round in late 2014.