CircuitMeter provides simple, cost effective technology that allows you to monitor and optimize the energy efficiency of your portfolio to a degree never before possible.

Our ability to capture detailed information into a big data environment designed specifically for energy analytics is what makes CircuitMeter a breakthrough technology, enabling facility managers to effectively measure and monitoring their portfolio.


CircuitMeter Measuring

  • Accurately compare your energy consumption with standard industry Key Performance Indicators and create realistic energy reduction goals for your portfolio.
  • Measure sustainability results against goals to provide support and recognition for corporate achievements.
  • Measure success of energy saving initiatives to build pride, support and involvement in sustainability goals.
  • Verify financial savings and paybacks from energy saving projects.
  • Improve efficiency by easily comparing energy consumption of similar spaces or equipment.
  • Improve tenant satisfaction and safety by receiving customized alarms on equipment status such as failures of lamps and ballasts and even exist signs drawing as little as 5 watts.


CircuitMeter Monitoring

  • Understand and manage loads during peak demand periods to reduce peak demand charges.
  • Identify energy waste both during and after business hours to reduce costs around the clock.
  • Stop upward drift of energy costs and drifting from commissioned state or ideal operating efficiencies using malfunction notifications.

  • Decrease maintenance costs of equipment and motors with notifications when equipment shifts from its normal energy consumption profile.
  • Reduce power factor penalties by tracking power quality of each load.
  • Perform your own energy analysis on any circuit, or any piece of equipment at any time from anywhere using your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Use Big Data to improve energy audits and energy saving investment decisions.