Who is CircuitMeter?

Why do I need CircuitMeter?

Is it easy to install?

What are the applications?

What is an energy profile?

What is cloud managed energy control?

What is energy drift?



Q.  Who Is CircuitMeter?

A.  CircuitMeter is privately held Ontario (Canadian) corporation in the cleantech space with a creative team driving its innovative technology initiatives and go-to-market strategy.

Q.  Why do I need CircuitMeter?

A.  CircuitMeter has developed the most affordable energy monitoring solution. Our products and service enable informed decision making using meaningful data.

Q. Is it easy to install?

A.  We understand the logistical challenges and expense of traditional metering installations.  Our methodology is practical and easy with a minimal cost of installation compared to traditional solutions.

Q.  What is this going to cost me?

A.  Our solution is the most affordable in the industry.  It is as little as one tenth the cost of traditional metering solutions.  We can estimate your project costs quickly and easily using just basic information about your facility.  Please contact us to find out more!

Q.  How do I become a Value Added Reseller?

A.  If you have a solid background in the energy sector and relationships with energy users and think you might like to resell our products, please contact us to share your ideas.

Q.  Can I buy your product for use outside of North America?

A.  Yes.  Our product is currently approved for use in Canada, USA, and Europe with UL, CSA and CE certified listing marks.¬†We currently have a relationship with an agency that is marketing our solution in the UK and other parts of Europe. Our contact information is located in our Contact Us page.

Q.  What are the applications?

A.  The solution consists of two key components (1) WebMeter36FTM to capture energy information from the circuits in an electrical panel and (2) CircuitMonitoringTM that stores data, thus enabling measuring, monitoring and decision making.  Once you start monitoring your energy usage, you can use the data to find hidden energy vampires that waste energy without your knowledge.  You can use it to monitor and alarm all of your electrical and mechanical systems to decrease maintenance costs, and improve tenant satisfaction .  For example, you can be alerted when a fan motor is in the early stages of failure, when there has been a control failure or modification on your HVAC system, or even when the exhaust fan has failed in the underground parking.

Q.  What is an energy profile?

A.  An energy profile is our description of the “signature” of historical energy use by a specific circuit breaker or combination of circuit breakers that connect to a specific piece of equipment.  The energy profile is used for comparative purposes and to ensure efficient operation.

Q.  What is cloud managed energy control?

A.  Energy use information captured from each WebMeter36FTM is sent to CircuitMonitoringTM, a hosted solution which resides at a large, secured facility.  This information is accessed through the internet and presented to our customers via the latest web browsers.

Q.  What is energy drift?

A.  Energy drift is used in the context of building management to describe how building efficiency declines with time from the ideals achieved at initial commissioning.  These losses in efficiency can be as much as 20% over two years.  Some of the causes of this degradation can include:

  • Temperature and time overrides by occupants or operators
  • Improper control system programming
  • Seasonal changes that disrupt mechanical equipment operation
  • Failures of temperature sensors, relays, filters or controls
  • Malfunctioning of complex electrical, mechanical and HVAC components